The Drama List

I saw someone list all the dramas they've watched on their blog once and i started to wonder how many i have watched. Hence, the drama list! 

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I honestly thought i had watched more dramas than that! Well, i'll keep adding on to it anyway :) Some of the English name translations are by me, by the way, so they may not be too accurate :P

Although i don't remember much of the earlier dramas i've watched, if anyone wants drama recommendations or a review to be written, feel free to ask! :) I welcome drama recommendations too! I generally prefer comedies and mysteries, but will welcome anything interesting except for horror :)

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I can't say i'm not unhappy at the news, but, well, what can we do, right? It's probably better for Ryo and Pi this way, so we should just support their decision. I bet it wasn't easy for them to leave either.

I just hope the new NEWS will be able to continue to go strong and garner even more support from fans. Who knows, they may be even more successful since they will be able to have more activities as NEWS from now on! I'm hopeful.

And i'm really, really glad that i went for their concert last year. My first and last time seeing all 6 of them together on stage as NEWS. I almost didn't go cos it was expensive to get all the way to Osaka and get tickets etc and i didn't have much money, but i'm so glad i did it in the end. That was truly a once in a lifetime experience for me.

I am so gonna go to the next NEWS concert.


I finally went to see NEWS live in concert! And it was awesome! :D

I want to go for another one! And i seriously wouldn't mind spending a bit more to get a better seat either!

I'm writing this now not as a fan report but as something for me to remember the experience (as it is, i've already forgotten a lot of details about the concert :P) so i'm not posting this to any fan page, but anyone is free to read if they're interested :) Although that probably equates to my very limited f-list :P

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Just because

This was in the local supermarket

Took a sneaky shot of it. Haha! And in the drinks section where more Weider in Jelly is stocked, they have a small screen playing Yamapi's robot dance ad on loop, over and over again... :D

I want to go for the NEWS concert! Anyone wants to go with me? :)

Shissou ~ Dead Run

I've known about this movie for quite a long time, but only watched it now cos i've been watching Troubleman (and loving it) and this movie is by the same director. It turned out to be a rather good movie and probably more profound than i can comprehend. I think this because of the strong emotional response that it draws out.

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Ramble on concerts

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Speaking of Yamapi, his Namacha mosaic made it to the Guinness Book of Records for the largest 3D mosaic! Yay! I wish i could see it for myself! Pictures and a report can be found here thanks to the lovely people who shared :)

And now i'm off to watch the Happy NEWS Year 2004 concert i found here! :) I hadn't even known this existed!

Really thanks to all the nice people in the fandom who share files, picture, reports, mp3s, scans translations, subs, etc! :)

I love my icon!

I just wanted to say that... I love my icon! XD

Totally spastic, i know, but i love this picture of NEWS! I'd been on a lookout for a nice picture of all of them (not very actively, i must say) and then chanced upon this!

They all look so cool in it! XD Much thanks to inala for sharing it! :) That picture is now sitting prettily on my desktop :)

And since i liked it so much, i decided to try my hand at making an icon for myself. I'm not too great with computers, so i never tried, but it turned out to be surprisingly easy! I'm quite proud of it, which makes me love it even more! Haha :P I know it's totally mediocre, but hey, i'm still a beginner!

I should try making more icons :)

Sakura Girl

The Sakura Girl PV has been out for quite a while now. And the single will be out soon. I love the song, but the PV could have been better, really. It was such a sad PV compared to such an upbeat song! Granted, the lyrics are sad, but they really looked like they were mumbling the entire song rather than singing! And the whitewash effect made the video look like it is perpetually in low quality.

But the boys looked cool, as always :) And i'm really amazed at how they made the sakura tree! It must have taken a lot of work!

However, the main point of this entry is to talk about something i found rather amusing. First, watch the PV.

I think Tego looked like a sad little boy! Seeing him cry just makes me want to pat his head and go "there, there". Haha! Massu's acting was great, though. He really got the shock factor down and really makes you feel sad for him! And was it just me, or did he look like he wanted to cry throughout most of the video?

On the other hand, Ryo looked like he was enjoying it a bit too much! He was the only one i caught smiling in the video. I guess he really enjoyed getting slapped by the girl? Haha! Why he requested that is beyond me.

Now, contrast their behaviour in the PV to their performance in Music Station:

Look at how happy Massu is throughout not only the performance, but the entire show! Now that is the Massu i know! And look at all the other happy faces too, especially during the last part where they are posing (love the hand made sakura, btw). All of them looked really smiley except for Ryo!

Maybe i'm the only one who found this discrepancy amusing, but what the hey, just thought i'd point it out anyway :)

The MS performance was before the PV came out, which had led me to think that the PV would be a happier one, so i was a little disappointed when the PV showed them all emo. But i still love the song anyway :) Looking forward to more promotional performances! :)